Bathroom Wall Mirrors – Tips And Suggestions

Showering is one of the most relaxing yet rejuvenating ways to begin your day. As you have the rest of the day’s activities on mind, you head on peacefully to the shower. Since you would continue your morning rituals of shaving, brushing your teeth or employing make-up, you turn to your bathroom mirror and see only fog covering the whole mirror. The steam and moisture generated in the bathroom when you take a shower is the culprit as to why your bathroom mirror gets all fogged up. What happens next is you clean, or rather, scrub the mirror over and over again to remove the fog and make it squeaky clean before you use it. Here is how you can prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging up in the first place.

Layout a feature wall in your kitchen using the same mosaic tiles as in the backsplash. For instance, place 토토 tiles in an evenly spaced diamond-shaped pattern and tile between the mirrors with the mosaic glass tiles. This would work equally well for a bathroom.

Option 5 – Insert an animal print. You can even decoupage paper monster print or can hot glue fabric animal prints to the back of your mirror. A timeless zebra print or a leopard print will always seem classy. You can trace a circle on a paper or fabric in order to glue it on. In this process be cautious when cutting the paper.

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With such a large variety of styles to choose from you can design your home in a means of expressing yourself through decoration. A favorite for many is to fill their cherished walls and corners with background by using antiques mirrors from the past. What is an antique? An old collectible item. What makes a vanity with a mirror antique? Age, beauty, rarity, condition and history. Antiques are often family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and an antique vanity with a mirror is very special since they’re often made by someone with a love of wood and an artist’s heart. The craftsmanship is generally unique and precise to what the crafter intends and many times you can tell who the crafter is by their personal touches to the finished product.

Option 1 – With the help of glue, you could stick a few small rhinestone or sequins to the back of your mirror so as to add more style to it. You can select rhinestones and sequins with the help of tweezers and can simply paste them with the glue. You can glue the stones in various designs like letter shapes, wavy patterns or swirls. To fill the empty area, you can use different color stones.

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If you’re still wondering whether you can afford a new mirror on your wall, then try a few of these tips and you will see the price going down like a rocket. Small or big wall mirror, you can have it with less money and, if not the same, more design.

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