Details, Fiction and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a well-known free content multi-language online encyclopedia that is based on the collaborative model, with a system of free membership, facilitated by an international network of active editors through an online editing platform modeled after wikis. Wikipedia was established in 2021, and the project has been able to grow into one of the most frequently visited online Encyclopedias. Wikipedia is open to anyone to edit. Wikipedians are collectively referred as Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia was established as an online collaborative encyclopedia. Jimmy Wales, who is often referred to as the “chairman”, of the Wikipedia board, started it with a group of software developers, enthusiasts, and other individuals. They and Wales worked together to create the first Wikipedia project, “Encyclopedia Wikipedia”, which was covered extensively in both the traditional and online encyclopedia styles. In the following years the groups and individuals added editors to the project, making it into a giant online encyclopedia. Wikipedia has grown to the point where it’s now available 24/7 and 7 days a month. Wikipedia boasts over a million articles.

One of the most distinctive features of wikipedia is that anyone can edit, regardless of their expertise or knowledge. These people are collectively referred to as wikinarians, and there is nothing stopping anyone from editing any page, regardless of their level of knowledge or ability. One can make an edit by adding relevant information, while some wikis permit users to contest information, offer new information, or even remove information. Wikipedia is commonly used as a source material for educational purposes as well as in legal documents, research, etc.

At the time of writing, Wikipedia articles are available to anyone to edit. Any user can create pages and make changes to it. Wikipedia articles are generally edited by general users that do not have any professional qualifications or backgrounds like college instructors. Wikipedia articles have been edited and approved by some of the most prominent scientists as well as historians, politicians writers, journalists, and scientists around the world, including Noam Chomsky.

Wikipedia is so popular that millions of people use it across the globe. Wikipedia is an reliable source of information, and in 2021 it was voted the thirteenth best website by the World Wide Web Users’ Association. Wikipedia is a great tool to gain knowledge and understanding about a subject through many sources. Wikipedia was not created to be used for marketing or business purposes. Any attempt to use Wikipedia for this purpose is highly unprofessional. You must not copy Wikipedia content or use them in any manner.

Dr. Jon Poole, an Australian academic, founded Wikipedia. He also set up encyclopaedia. The Greek root en-ympha is the origin of the word encyclopaedia. A large number of words were added in order to complete the project. Today, Wikipedia has over 1.5 billion pages.

Many users prefer to contribute new articles instead of editing existing Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is a great source to get ideas for your own projects. Explore the featured articles on Wikipedia to discover new ideas. The feature allows users to browse through the encyclopedia to find articles written on the topic that they can incorporate into their own projects.

Wikipedia has revolutionized the way we deal with the global challenge of knowledge. It is an open-source content management system (CMS), which anyone can use for any purpose. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Wikipedia is so successful that more than three hundred million people worldwide use Wikipedia. There are obviously many other reasons why Wikipedia is a renowned online encyclopedia.

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