Effective Cystic Acne Home Remedy

Tea tree oil is a great organic essential oil. It is taken from the leaves of the melaleuca alterniifolia. It is usually a very pale, gold color that is almost clear. This oil has a lot of benefits. It is used both medically and cosmetically. It performs a lot of treatments, including working as an anti-fungal and antiseptic organic oil.

One of the most well known natural ingredients used to cure acne happens to be tea tree pidocchi. This oil comes from an Australian tree and it contains terpinen, which is an antimicrobial agent. This agent helps to fight off bacteria, eliminating the acne. While it can be used alone, some of the best natural products for acne on the market contain this ingredient. If you’re choosing a natural acne treatment, you’ll definitely want to look for this ingredient on the product.

Some people love the smell of this oil and use bath and shower lotions containing tea tree. If you use it regularly to shampoo your hair, it will solve any dandruff issues but will also deter unwanted guests as head lice hate the smell. It is also useful as a bathroom cleaner as it is effective on mold as well as being a natural disinfectant.

Baking soda is lauded for many great Tea Tree Oil uses, and it can also help you to cure your acne. It works as a gentle exfoliate, which helps to remove the dead skin cells that build up on skin. Exfoliating will help to keep those dead cells from clogging pores and causing more breakouts. You can easily make a paste by adding a bit of water to some baking soda. Massage this paste on skin for a few seconds and then rinse away and pat dry. Do this once a week to keep the dead skin cells from building up.

Tea tree essential oil is gentle enough to be used to care for your baby. Many baby’s suffer from a skin condition known as cradle cap. A small amount of tea tree essential oil diluted with warm water may be used to gently cleanse the affected area to help remove dead skin cells and regenerate new ones.

Tea Tree Oil: this is a wonderful alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is an effective acne treatment, but it literally burns your skin, leaving your face dry, flaky and in pain. A few years ago I started using a no name acne treatment that used tea tree oil. It worked just as well as b.o., but it was much gentler on my skin.

The best thing to do is to apply a small patch of the herb Oil on the inside of your elbow and wait for two to three hours to see if there is a reaction.

Wet your hair and apply the mixture throughout. Cover the hair with a shower cap along with the hot towel from the dryer. Allow it to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. You will need to wash your hair with shampoo as this method can smell a little bad. Use this treatment about once a week for dry, frizzy, or colored-treated hair.

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