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Pet owners are known to have fun with their pets, such as cats, dogs, birds and so forth, but have you ever heard of anyone having fun with their pet lizard? Sound strange? Not really, I’m sure there are quite a few lizard owners out there that can tell you some neat things about their pet lizards. And I just happen to be a pet lizard owner; therefore, I would like to tell you about my pet anoles. I have four of them.

Once you have found an arrangement you like fill the rest of the container with potting soil and gently tap it down so it is firm and the plants are supported.

Native to the southeastern United States, these small reptiles are fascinating to watch. They will literally change colors before your eyes and have unique little personalities. Normally shy creatures most will come to know the voice of their owner and will happily rest Terrarium workshop on your fingers and hands.

Zyrtek has me trained when it comes to giving him water. He likes his water directly dribbled in front of him, and when he is through drinking he will turn away. Some days he will stick his tongue out and touch it to the surface of the log or leaf, which means he is thirsty. But he doesn’t like me trying to give him water when he doesn’t want it. Laughing yet?

The terrarium should also have an adequate amount of heat. The beetles prefer a temperature anywhere between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can buy a reptile lamp to provide them with this heat. The bulb should be either 50 or 70 watts.

Start with a glass vessel that’s completely clean. Taking the time to get your vessel clean will make the finished Terrarium Workshops look its best. You’ll easily be able to see the layers of gravel, soil, and moss through the clear glass.

The trip home will be one of the most stressful times of an anole’s life. Be sure not to tack on other errands. Bring your pet directly home and have their terrarium all prepared and ready to go.

Compatibility of your red eyed tree frog with other mates Red eyed frogs make fine living with other frogs such as barking tree frogs, green tree frogs and, of course, other red eyed tree frogs. However, you need to make sure that all species of frogs are of the same size and are getting equal crickets to eat.

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