Bass Fishing Around Boat Docks

In this article were going to discuss some major considerations as to the reasons why fish bite. There are obviously many reasons that a fish may or may not bite your offering, and in this article were going to discuss some of the most prevalent. Are these the only reasons, of course not, but they are nonetheless very important as to why fish bite. Use this information to your advantage as an angler and you’ll start to see much more fishing productivity.

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In this article I am going to talk about what lures are best for Bass Fishing. If you are interested in learning how you can catch more Bass then you may want to listen up and read this article. It will help you and it can give you a guideline as towards what lures will work better and what ones won’t.

Top water baits are more attractive for smallmouth bass. However, a top water bait, lake water must be very quiet. When you go for the bait above the water, the fish bait and feels more dangerous in the water. The is the bait underwater, therefore, be careful and cover a large area. Place the fishing bait on the shore about 15 yards.

Berkley “Alive” Soft Plastics – This lure is very inexpensive, yet mimics live bait to an incredible degree. These baits come in many different bait fish versions from worms to minnows, and even leeches and crayfish. Berkley “Alive” soft plastics have been infused and are sold in a solution that makes them smell to the fish you are trying to catch, like the type of bait that they represent. These soft plastics are fished exactly as any other soft plastic is fished with the exception being the way they “smell” to the fish you are trying to catch. From a cost standpoint, this lure is certainly the most economical choice to mimic live bait effectively.

Keep in mind that just going to a tackle shop and asking the clerk is not the best way to choose a lure. You need to assess the spot you are fishing and know the water type, temperature, weed beds, native aquatic life and such. Using a plastic leech where leeches are not native is not going to produce.

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