February Is National Return Shopping Carts Month

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Firstly, if you have never been involved with an Internet business, I can tell you that it can get very technical, both on terms of developments and designing a page for maximum effectiveness. BigCommerce offers a massive amount of tutorial videos in which one of the owners of the product walks you through all you need to know. From the fundamentals to the very advanced things. Does this alone make it the best shopping cart out there? No. But there are a lot more reasons.

If the baby you are giving this gift to is a one-year or a two-year old, he or she will definitely enjoy unloading the gifts from the basket. So, everything you put inside the basket must be safe for the baby wash basins when he holds it and should not harm the baby in a any way. So, avoid putting items like balloons, loose sheets of plastic or hard candy as these things may cause choking or suffocation in case the baby puts them in his or her mouth.

Understand that ‘secured’ server space often costs more than regular. Hack-proof web hosting is not always included in the package. Secured or encrypted server space is vital if the ecommerce business expects to accept credit card information and keep sensitive data on their website.

But, don’t pay attention to the title tag and ignore the URL. This is especially a problem in content management systems and folding luggage carts. The URLs are full of numbers and letters. You need to be including your keywords in your URLs so the search engines pick up on them. Don’t waste the invaluable potential in either the title tag or the URL.

Licensed carts – having a licensed copy of a shopping cart requires you to choose among the masses of products, install it on your web server and configure it to integrate with your website. You own the software (code) and can modify it in any form or fashion to your hearts content. It also means that all features and upgrades, you have to perform yourself which can become a double edged sword.

These are just five of the many similarities between creating a baby quilt and an e-biz. Now, if you are wondering if the best quilters are the most successful e-preneurs you are forgetting that there are differences too; which, however, are the scope of my next article.

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