How To Calm The Mind Some Ways Of Achieving Serenity

The art of meditation has been known to humans from the start. Meditation is known to help the mind and body relax to create a happier, healthier you. But remember one will only get as what one will put into it.

One thing you may not have considered is that with the Internet, it is possible you will be speaking to someone from another culture, someone whose first language is not English. This is another reason for watching your diction and syntax carefully. Using slang and idioms might confuse listeners unnecessarily, and humor often doesn’t translate well between languages and nationalities.

Zen living and being is n a game of, “look at my new skill set!” One guy couldn’t figure out how to make time to meditate. I suggested he think of his entire life as Zen Baltimore. Different focus, different direction.

It may sound odd, but you may want to dress up a little for your presentation. True, your listeners can’t see you, but you know how you look. If you change your clothes for a webinar you may feel more professional (even if you change into your nicer track suit).

I find even 5 minutes in the midst of a busy period is very helpful to calm and relax and to refocus to continue working. It is particularly good if I feel a sore neck or headache coming on from too long on the computer.

Things happen that mess you up. If on the morning of your webinar you break your ankle and spend the day in the emergency room, you may have to make some adjustments. The good news is that your audience will willingly forgive you for a real emergency. An account of why your advertised guest speaker won’t be here today, if honest and brief, will fly. Of course you should offer something of equal value to replace what’s missing: a free entry to the next webinar or a downloadable “goodie”. If it’s an interview, offer to reschedule at the other person’s convenience. Remember, the customer/boss is always right.

As you breathe in, imagine the color of the air being inhaled to be green and it turns to blue as you breathe out. Try to focus only on the colors as you breathe in and out. You will notice that as you perform this Color Meditation exercise, your mind will wander. When the mind wanders just return your focus to the color of the breath and the thoughts will automatically subside. Soon you should be in a relaxed state conducive to deep and restful sleep.

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