If I Start Playing Piano Will I Stay With It?

Well, it’s finally official – After a month of wild speculation and rampant rumors on internet message boards and forums, Phish has finally announced the details of their next festival. The newest outdoor, 3-day music Phish music fest, Festival 8, will indeed take place in Indio, California at the Empire Polo Club that hosts the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The first out of all eight Phish festivals on the West Coast, this is sure to be another unique and memorable moment in both the history of Phish and the history of jamband music.

Charice had originally been slated to reappear for this episode cantonese songs but another new press releases for The Substitute does not list her as a guest star.

“Headquarters”, start to finish, was(is) a solid effort by any standards. It highlights each member doing the kind of music they liked best. Mike Nesmith showed off his country roots; Davy Jones strutted his Broadway best; Peter Tork delivered his rock tendencies and Micky Dolenz gave some of his finest melodic folk/rock bits. It all blended beautifully in one of the years’ best albums, debuting at #1. It held that position for only one week. The Monkees had the bad luck of some British band of some acclaim releasing an album entitled “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that one week later, a release which eclipsed them and everyone else that year.

Similar to Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss (read review), Busta focuses on following trends rather than setting them. Rather than the rap and R&B duets of that album, Busta brings in the ubiquitous T-Pain, Akon, Ron Browz and Lil Wayne, among others, none of whom bring much of their own excitement to the album. There are fewer all-out club hits here, which is what Busta excels at. There’s also an unfortunate use of the vocoder, which is a shame given Busta’s history in the game and considerable talents.

Think movies. When it comes around to Halloween time or Christmas time, it’s always nice to get together with friends or family and watch a DVD. For Halloween, it’s horror movies. For Christmas, it’s family Christmas movies that show Christmas spirit and joy. Give a review about some movies you might recommend, or give a review about movies you would advise aren’t worth anyone’s time. Think of best and worst.

Think music. Around the holidays, soundtrack is always nice to listen to, and something we all might wonder what to get. Soundtrack is important when it comes to parties, and is nice for family celebrations. My family makes a CD every year, that each one of us contributes favorite Cantopop to. We listen to it as we unwrap our gifts, or enjoy Christmas dinner. Think of some of your favorite Christmas songs that other people should put on their play list also. Tell why you like them, what they mean, what they make you think about, and what you like most about them.

Bake some royal shaped cookies as a fun party craft idea. Let each girl paint her own regal cookies with some new washed paint brushes and some colored frosting. Make tiaras with the girls. You can find the printable tiara templates you need to help you design and make a tiara. Use stickers, markers and adhesive jewels to decorate your tiaras.

The MN Zoo is located at 13000 Zoo Blvd. in Apple Valley. Follow Highway 77 (Cedar Av.) south to County Rd. 38 East and follow the brown-colored Zoo signs. Zoo hours will be 9 a.m.-6 p.m. in July for those wanting to make a day of the event. Zoo admission: ages 3-12 & 65+: $10; Ages 13-64: $16. Parking for cars is $5. For questions: Guest Services Dept., 952.431.9213.

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