Of Music And Its Genres

Everyone is familiar with Karaoke. It has become a part of our social fabric. It is a very popular form of entertainment that can be used at parties, bars, restaurants and in our homes. But for those who do not know, Karaoke is when a person sings along to prerecorded music using a microphone and speakers. Someone chooses from a list of songs, usually well-known or from your own personal favorites, and sings along when the machine plays the song without the lead vocals. Two screens are most often used to display lyrics to both the singer and the audience. The lyrics change color or a moving image is used to tell us when the words should be sung. It is a simple invention, but one that provides hours of fun and is enjoyed though out the world.

To give varied styles, the modern technique uses many kinds of folds. You can have the Spiral Patterns by pleats of fabric arranged in swirls around a central point. Fold the cloth piece half vertically, drawing a line diagonally and you can have a V shaped pattern. You can even have Random styles and Random circles with tie and dye.

As smeh and music marketeers we need to know what others are saying so that we can form an opinion and add new ideas to our songs and marketing plan.

Another hurricane has just blown through the island. This one hit the eastern end, the tobacco-growing region. It was the 3rd storm in as many months and the crop has been destroyed. Cuba’s main revenue source lies ruined in the field. I assume everyone knows they’re in for more than their standard dose of hardship this year. Yet you don’t hear much about it. The people emerge from the gale and continue on just as they have for the last 500 years.

Relative pitch is acquired. To develop it, you must practice hard. Unlike absolute pitch relative pitch requires a student to hear it first, find the corresponding key and remember the pitch. Most students and teachers start with recognizing the C scale on the piano then stopping to hum the fifth degree of the scale (The G note). Then they play it, if a student is right, that’s when he or she can move on with the next scale. A student should do this often to create pitch recognition and to learn how to play by ear.

Learning how to play is no use if you have no audience to listen to you. You do not actually have to sign up for live performances in acoustic bars. You can do it at the comfort of your own home. Set up a video camera and start making covers of songs. Through this, you can gauge your development. Recording yourself playing allows you to look back at your performances and see which parts need improvement.

Once you have a good sounding drum tracks, here are some simple tricks to give your other instruments instant body and presence. Again the same rule applies here, double or even triple track the same instruments. Foe example if your song requires a background guitar chord parts, play the same part twice on two different tracks and pan them left and right. Bingo, that’s an immediate body and presence for your song. You can use this same trick to guitar licks as well. That illusive “big sound” doesn’t have to be so if you use the techniques I described above. Hope this has been helpful and good luck with your recordings.

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