Solar Energy Systems For Pools

Every time you pull up to a gas pump to full your tank you’re probably cringing at the cost per gallon. With the prices of gas at an all-time high, people are jumping on the bandwagon of electric cars and hybrids. Having one of these cars can save you some money while reducing the harmful emissions produced from burning fuel. This is all good and well to invest in, but hybrids still run on gasoline at the end of the day and electric cars, for lack of a better explanation, use your electricity. You’re still spending money to use your car whether you like it or not. But what if there was another way to drive without harming the planet and can save you money in the process?

You can use solar power for everyday living when you use these solar power systems. solar panels el paso tx cooking system: Just think of how much money will go into your pocket by not firing up the electric or gas stove. And don’t think you can’t enjoy all the foods you love. By using solar power you can still cook your food the way you always have, whether it is baking, boiling, or roasting you don’t have to change your cooking style.

By keeping your PV panels clean, you are allowing more sunlight on your solar panels cells. This is good, because with more light, more electricity can be generated. Photovoltaic panels with dust, dirt and leaf on it cause shading. These panels are most likely generating about 80 percent of that they are capable of. Simply by washing the dirt away, you can increase your power production by 20 percent.

Connect the panels to the house breaker system – The panels are hooked to a battery via a regulating device called a charge controller. An inverter is then connected to the battery output to convert the low voltage DC battery output to AC to match the house electrical system.

We installed a free solar electric system, yes that’s right, free! The total install was over $100,000 but we paid nothing. So how many of you would love to install a free solar energy system, but the cost has been holding you back? Did I say free? Yes, there is no cost, but how does that work?

The really great thing is you have the potential to eliminate your electricity bill and just rely on the sun for your source of energy. This can literally save you thousands of dollars in electricity bills. If you are considering professional installation then it could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs as well.

Right now the maximum amount of sunlight that the best panels can absorb is about 30%. There are currently a group of scientist at the University of Missouri who believe they may be able to increase that number to 90% while reducing the cost. While they currently have a goal of five years, we will see many improvements before then as well.

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