The Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Removal Service

No matter how fresh of a Christmas tree we purchase, by the time New Year’s Day rolls around, more than half the pine needles seem to have dropped to the ground. And if that isn’t enough of a mess, the rest of the needles always seem to fall off as we drag the silly thing through the house and out the front door, leaving a trail of razor sharp debris in its wake.

With regards to trees in public spaces, they also present the same hazards as with those in private lands. If they fall on public highways, it could cause heavy traffic and create significant accident upon any unlucky passers-by or vehicle. Sometimes they get in the way of public infrastructure projects. In one city in the Philippines, some residents opposed the national public works department’s plan to cut down the century-old trees along the national road as part of their national road widening project.

The first company I called was inexpensive but seemed mainly concerned that I pay them in cash. Not about how big the job might be or my turn around time. Just pay me in cash was the big selling point with this company. The next company I called seemed backlogged and their price was higher than Mr. Pay Cash company’s pricing. The receptionist seemed hurried and couldn’t seem to tell me when or how my more expensive tree service east providence RI option could be exercised.

The actual climbing gear is an entirely different set of equipment. Climbing saddles are fitted to your waist to connect you to the rope lines. They need to be checked for excessive wear each time you go up. The rivets and stitching need to stay strong and intact. Snaps are used to connect and secure the climbing line. They should be self locking and self-closing. All items must be confirmed to have a tinsel strength of over 5,000 pounds.

And it can also be a quite dangerous job, believe it or not. If you have a large tree that comes down and it isn’t taken down correctly, it could fall on surrounding structures and actually cause a lot of damage. It could also harm people in the mean time, which is even a more serious problem. You wouldn’t want to be taking out a tree and have it fall on your neighbor’s house, or your own home.

The last company I called had a reasonable price, somewhere between the expensive and the cheap option and seemed friendly enough. So I decided to go with them. But this all had me thinking, do you really just get what you pay for? If I had gone with Mr. Pay Cash would the job be as good as the job as the next company to come down the pike or are steep discounts an indication that something is not quite right with a company?

After a cursory introduction to many of the necessary equipment and expertise you need to safely climb a tree for any reason, we hope you have an appreciation for how much is involved. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional to take care of tree trimming, tree removal, and anything else you need to do up in a tree.

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