Top Seven Reasons To Choose A Telephone Answering Service For Your Business

PATLive is a telephone answering service offered to a wide array of businesses. Studies have shown that people prefer talking with a person and not an automated IVR system. The service was founded in the early 90’s in Tallahassee Florida. It has expanded nationwide and has services that have also moved internationally. The company offers its services to businesses ranging from home offices to government agencies.

Firstly, get the toughest jobs done first. When you know that making lead generation Call answering services to some contacts would be difficult, pick up the phone and get those out of the way first. Call center agents should always work with a free, open mind. Being bogged down by the thought of them getting stuck on sales is like a writers block to a screen writer. If you get the tougher telemarketing calls done right away, you will have a better state of mind to do the easier tasks.

Can you cope with a communications emergency? Your call center can. If you lose power for a few days because something unforeseen happens, you won’t be able to answer your ‘phone. That doesn’t happen to a good virtual receptionist. They have disaster backup plans that ensure an unbroken service. You may have to take a few days off when disaster strikes, but they won’t.

Free up funds for future investment by outsourcing your call handling to a reputable and experienced inbound call centre. Yes, you want your customers well looked after, but rather than going to the expense of getting a building, the technology and the personnel. But by going to an experienced inbound, you’ll get all that at a fraction of the cost. You can then invest more money into other areas of customer service.

Because a few scum-bags have ripped off some banks, and run off with the money, your local friendly banker may not be too “friendly” when you tell him you want a merchants account. It has become increasingly more difficult for mail order sellers to secure a merchants account, and if you only sell by mail, but also do consider setting you up for Visa and Mastercard processing. That happens to be reality…but always remember WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE MUST BE A WAY! In this special valuable report I’m going to cover some of the best way to obtain your merchant’s status.

Staff are happier. Your staff will no longer have to answer calls all the time, especially in busy periods or on a Monday when the phones won’t stop ringing. It enables them to get on with their job, rather than being distracted and constantly interrupted.

And lastly, do not underestimate the power of writing, especially with a pencil and paper! You can use this technique just as well in your personal life. i.e. research classes to take at local college, is online university better choice?, find childcare for evenings, join gym.

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