Twitter Tips For Translators

There is no doubt most marketers want to grow their connections quickly and with minimum hassle. Not many achieve this. In fact, the average LinkedIn user has less than 100 connections. Besides that most people’s connections numbers remain stagnate. So, what can be done to enlarge your sphere of influence?

This is the segment of questions and answers forum. Any member can participant and the easiest way to join in is to ask a question. However, answering question gives you more milage as you get to showcase your expertise. It will take more effort, research, time but the payoff is enormous.

Spread the word with social networking. Let people on Twitter know about your articles or other interesting tidbits that will draw them to your website. Join forums, set up Facebook and Where to Buy LinkedIn Account, and then participate in discussions.

There are some ways you can take to promote your website through social networking sites. The first way to mention here is to make the best use of the pages the websites have to offer. On each of these pages, you can put a link that leads people to your website. In order to let people know what kind of website you have, it is necessary for you to write some brief information about your site.

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Referrals: say thanks to someone – a vendor, partner, even a customer – for a job well done or just acknowledging some special talent or skill that had a positive impact. Chances are they will reciprocate. And don’t be shy about asking customers to write a recommendation but be careful to ask only those who have actually worked with you and can speak to your professional brilliance.

Read blogs frequently, especially in your industry. If you see a post that is helpful or interesting to you, be sure to mention it in a post on your own blog. Trackback to that particular post–or blog–so that the author of the blog you liked will be notified that you mentioned his or her post in your blog. The author will appreciate that you trackbacked to his or her blog, which will make him or her likely to check out your blog, and eventually subscribe to or follow your blog.

As social media continues to grow and expand, it becomes more and more important for marketing-savvy law firms to join the movement. As I mentioned above, you don’t have to turn your business development plan upside down, just dipping your toes in the social media waters can reap powerful benefits in the form of visibility, connections, referrals and recognition.

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