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There are so many articles about Christmas, so I decided why not go the full distance and create one for the New Year as well. New Year is very much a time of celebration and should be just as jubilant as Christmas.

Deeds to the United States Give Dad (or your husband if he’s a Dad) a legal Deed to a one square inch parcel of land in all 50 states of the USA. The individually numbered deed will be inscribed with his name and it can be framed or mounted on a plaque. How great and how unique?

Do a Google search for ‘attorneys,’ What are the results? My search shows 75 million returns. If your website is contrived to market your skills as an attorney, plainly, you’re competing with every attorney listing in the country. Now, localize your search with your city. I’m in Akron, Ohio, so I’m going to type ‘attorneys, akron, ohio. The results: 506,000. The odds are a little bit better, aren’t they? But we can do better than that. Let’s say you’re focusing on ‘Elder Law’ what would the results be for ‘akron ohio elder law attorney: only 45,000 returns! This is how you focus your online video. Title it, and use keywords concerning to Elder Law, and you could DOMINATE that keyword phrase, with MULTIPLE listings.

Emotional baggage includes the things that you didn’t say, actions you didn’t take but wanted to, and feelings that you pushed aside and didn’t fully acknowledge. These are all incompletions. All of this past stuff that you aren’t really dealing with but haven’t managed to let go of, stacks up and can end up weighing you down. Not only does it take a lot of energy to “carry” around emotional baggage, it also pops up most inconveniently in your relationships.

As you train and prepare project mental pictures on the Marie Adler screen of your mind. Imagine the feeling that you’ll have when crossing that finish line. Picture your family there cheering you on. Visualize yourself standing victorious and basking in the glow of a champion after you have successfully completed the marathon.

You could also give her a gift certificate for a spa. Most women love a day at the spa with a relaxing massage. However, this is a general gift and that’s the only problem with it. It might appear that you didn’t give it much thought. But if you can’t think of anything else, a spa certificate is always a great choice.

One of the advantages of the Internet for marketing, is its low cost. Even the smallest company can afford to put together a internet site, with pictures, testimonials, etc. They can list all of their products and services, not just the main ones that they have to list in printed material, due to cost considerations.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to take the pressure of from buying a valentines gift for your significant other. There are plenty more ideas out there. If you spend a little time thinking about what you partner likes, you will find the perfect gift.

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