8 Presentation Flaws That Steal Your Money

Imparting your expertise to your potential clients can be your ticket to earn a fortune online. However, if you want to achieve your financial freedom anytime soon, I suggest that you start thinking big. By this, I simply mean ditch the idea of selling $30-ebook or $45 audio products. Augment your profits by a hundredfold by offering high ticket products that can sell up to $12,000 per unit.

There is no doubt that we humans are suffering from information overload at work and in our social lives. We’re suffering from over-choice and struggling to make sense of all the data pumped at us all day, every day. I know from hard experience that you’ll find the following eight suggestions brilliant!

Simple, always write your own introductions. Decide what you want to have said about you and your topic before you say a single word. Use your introduction to grab your audience’s attention and establish why they will want to listen to you. Be sure to keep your introduction short and focused on what your audience will really care about – i.e. how what you will say may help or benefit your audience. In other words, WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

Tell presentation training fascinating and relevant stories. Show colorful photos to illustrate value with pictures. Engage your audience with whiteboard sketches to solve problems, share ideas and get participants involved.

Solicit feedback. Sometimes, you’ll never know if there is something missing on your coaching programs unless you directly ask your current customers. Make it a habit to send these people with surveys after your presentations. Ask them about the things that they want you to improve on and the things that they love about your products. By doing so, you can easily gauge what elements you’ll continue on using and what are the things that you need to improve on to better serve your prospects.

Once your presentation is complete – practice, practice, practice. Know your talk so well you could give it in your sleep. But so you won’t put your audience to sleep, follow these next tips.

Use this 5-part system to simplify presenting. When you give engage participants with a lively exchange, you’ll see how easy it is to attract new customers.

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