Halloween: A Family And Home Vanish

Light the candles, gather up the kids, turn on the Halloween songs and celebrate Halloween with your favorite Halloween party finger foods. And when you’re finished eating and singing get ready for some more fun with some Halloween party games for the kids.

Have a “Halloween Hut” set up for all the food. Surely a couple of your guests will volunteer to grill burgers and dogs. Have them served up with bags of chips or crackers, a box of juice or bottle of water served up in a plastic pumpkin. You can find them at the dollar store without breaking the bank. You can set up little picnic tables or simply set out some blankets on the yard. You may want to have soda and beer for the adults. A big veggie platter would also be great for both the kids and adults! If you want to spend some money, you could rent a popcorn machine or a cotton candy maker too.

Blindfold players and spin them gently two to three times before giving them a “head” and pointing them toward the Monster. There should be a small piece of double sided tape on the “head” so that it will stick on or near the Monster.

Ask a few neighbors to help you plan games and decorations for the house. Schedule a few other neighbors to help you decorate and prepare the house the morning of the Halloween party. Make certain that you have reliable people who just as committed to providing a fun and safe Halloween environment for the children as you are.

Kids love games like musical chairs and freeze dance. Buy a tape or CD of halloween music and play Halloween freeze dance or musical chairs.Have the kids dance or go round and round the chairs. when the music stops whoever is moving or not in a chair is out. The last kid standing wins! The kids will love dancing to the monster mash in their Halloween costumes!

Halloween decorating does not need to be expensive, but if you want you can spend a fortune. People do everything from the most simple decoration (a pumpkin) to extravagant light shows and my favourite personal haunted houses and yards. You need to find something which matches your budget and commitment. Dollar stores have a lot of inexpensive Halloween decorations, my favourite from the dollar stores are the glow in the dark spiders and skeletons. I hang the skeletons on tree branches and they light up at night giving a spooky chill to the yard.

Heavy on classic rock and the Eagles? Sure. But there is a place on this list for the fun (Monster Mash and Addams Family), while still making most of this list very fun and enjoyable to people of all ages.

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